Morredero Rural Hotel: our restaurant

Our restaurant aims to be a true reflection of our local and regional cuisine, and for this purpose we use seasonal products, with the homemade touch of our chef.


Fish and meat dishes are very important for us, and therefore we work together with local suppliers, who provide us with their specialties: Rubia Gallega cow meat, Holstein Friesian beef meat, Cachena cow meat… And, as for fish dishes, we try to adapt to what the Galicia fish market offers us: hook caught hake, gilthead seabream, seabass, angler fish, etc.


Our land is full of contrasts, with rivers, lakes, mountains and vegetable gardens… And all of this provides us great products that we treat with care, giving them the least manipulation possible, so that our clients savour them in their season and in the best possible conditions.

Therefore, we can offer you: Bierzo area green peppers, botillo (meat-stuffed pork intestine), morcillo (blood sausage) with its lard and cachelos (Galician pork and potato dish), trouts, Cachena cow and Holstein Friesian beef selected meat, fréjoles (beans)…

As for fruits, and depending on the season, cherries are our most common fruit during the San Cristóbal season, but we also have plums, conference pears, Reinette apples…

And what can we say about chestnuts in autumn? As well as mushrooms!

Restaurant set menus at the Morredero Rural Hotel


  • Caesar Salad
  • Grilled season vegetable with Romescu sauce
  • Free range scrambled eggs with morcilla (blood sausage) from the Bierzo area
  • Assorted homemade croquettes: ham, cod and morcilla
  • Squid rings in batter (Cantabrian-style squid strips)
  • Galician-style octopus

Our fish dishes:

  • Baked gilthead bream with potatoes stew
  • Galician-style hake with cachelos (Galician pork and potato dish)
  • Oven baked prawns with smashed garlic and parsley

Our meat dishes:

  • Grilled beef medallion
  • Cachena beef fillet steak
  • Holstein Friesian beef rib
  • Cow T-bone steak (500-600 grammes)

Desserts (all homemade):

  • Rice pudding
  • Grandma style cheesecake
  • Tiramisu
  • Apple pie with ice-cream

Other suggestions:

  • Grilled suckling lamb chops (DO Castilla)
  • Bull tail stew
  • Angler fish tail with green sauce
  • Loin of cod with mushroom sauce and grilled red peppers

On request, we can also offer you:

  • Rice broth with lobster
  • Galician-style morcilla (blood sausage) with its lard and cachelos (Galician pork and potato dish)

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